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Advantages of Kamco Drywall Forms

Drywall Forms offers a range of pre-formed drywall shapes for any job. We provide everything from column enclosures and light coves, to decorative coatings and duct wraps. Our custom manufacturing process works with nearly any type of drywall, while also cutting installation time and saving on cost.

By not using plastic or metal corner beads, our soffits and ceiling profiles are resistant to abrasion. Each pre-formed drywall shape has crisp corners for gypsum board fabrications. Our design team is an excellent resource before starting your job with Drywall Forms.

Minimal Taping

  • Less dust at the job site (great for occupied spaces, hospitals, labs, etc.)

  • Faster, cleaner, finished detail

Better Columns

  • Costs 25% less than traditional pre-made columns

  • Half the lead time of premade columns

  • Octagon columns are a cost effective & unique alternative to round columns

Environmentally Friendly

  • Custom made shapes mean minimal waste on the job site

  • All scrap is recycled and/or reused at our facility

Many Drywall Types

  • 5/8” type X and 1/2” board

  • Lightweight, mold/mildew resistant and abuse board

  • Cuts up to 12’ lengths